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“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” – Augustine of Hippo

Referring to the words by Saint Augustine of Hippo (presently Annaba in northern Algeria), nowadays people travel more and more, and what makes us move around is, invariably, curiosity. An excursion, where we bond with new cultures, frees us from our a daily routine and entanglement in everyday matters. Travelling broadens our horizons and lets us discover nooks of our personality. However, a quick pace of life leads us also to seek leisure and relaxation. We are increasingly set on the prospect of our trip being exceptional so that it leaves us only with fond memories. To make our dreams come true, we often have to compromise and adapt to existing offers. Therefore, it is a very rewarding situation, when you are able to carry out your most unusual ideas, and experience the journeys that you want and not just those that are available. It is worth having the courage to explore the unknown corners of the world, because we do not travel to escape from life, but so that life does not escape from us.

“Even the longest journey begins with the first step” – Lao Tsy

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Montenegro in May

We have for you today something very interesting! Montenegro is a small and very beautiful country that really impress everyone and which can be mostly seen in a few days. We have for you a proposal in May for less than 1500pln/os (polish zloty per person)! And of course the price includes flights, accommodation with […]

Monaco in April

Who wants to go for very little money for 3 days to one of the smallest State of the World and has the opportunity to play roulette at the casino in Monte Carlo? Why not, you are welcome to cooperate with us. 3-day city-break in Monaco in early April is possible for less than 1400pln/os […]

Thailand in March

Two weeks in Thailand in March for less than 4000pln/os (polish zloty per person)! The price includes the flights between the mainland and the local once and all transfers, 10 day stay in the region of Krabi (hotel with a swimming pool and with breakfast situated close to the beach, surrounded by gardens) + 3 […]