New Zeeland april/may

Trip Planner blog 013 150x150New Zealand’s remoteness from the rest of the world has reduced the number of visitors and protect the earth from excessive use. People there are very friendly and welcoming but places and landscapes are the most important tourist attraction here and they are breathtaking among visitors. New Zealand does not need to advertise, just watch the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” and see the circumstances in which nature was shot. Trip Planner invites you on  late April and early May (a total of 3 weeks) in the Hobbit?s Land for about 9000pln (polish zloty). The price include air tickets, 18 hotels in different parts of the country sometimes with breakfast, and preliminary (will vary depending on the expectations of travellers) costs of transport around the country. The travel agencies similar tours start at 16000pln (polish zloty) – it’s worth to consider!