?I’ll be back here someday ? Montenegro?

Montenegro was one of the stops on my trip through the countries of former Yugoslavia. During preparing for this trip, I felt that this little state could become a pearl. I wasn?t wrong! This small country can really impress everyone. Mountain views prevail, but water sports and blissful laziness on the beach amateurs also find something for themselves. Additionally, Montenegro is full of towns, where castles, fortresses and city walls remember the medieval times.


Prices aren?t high, and compared to Dubrovnik in Croatia, which from the Croatian ? Montenegrin border is only less than 40km, it is relatively cheap. Montenegro is also a good base for day trips to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina or even Kosovo ? the youngest country in Europe. In this case my experience and knowledge are at ?Your? disposal and  I?m there for you to assist with travel arrangements in the greatest detail, taking into account yours specific needs and requirements. I invite you to find out for yourselves!