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Dorothy and Jack, age 40-50, sightseeing trip

We?ve just returned from a trip, which Trip Planner helped us to care about – a great organization, all on time and no unexpected surprises. I highly recommend, and I will come back to TP with the next trips.

Justine, age 20-30, sightseeing trip

I highly recommend! I agree and acknowledge all preceding opinions. It’s really worth it. I hope to see you next time! Who has not been yet, I encouraged you to follow next offers !!!

Rose & Julia, age 20-30, sightseeing trip

If anyone of you, your neighbors, family or friends is going to plan a trip, and do not know where to go, what to visit and how to spend the time in a nice way, so you have found the appropriate page and to the right person 😉 I highly recommend Trip Planner. After one […]

Monica & Michael, age 30-40, city break

Very successful trip, thanks for the mass of interesting information. We would highly recommend traveling with Trip Planner

Ann & Wojciech, age 30-40, sightseeing trip

Thank you very much for preparing such a nice route. During our trip we had time for romantic walks in the beautiful scenery, swimming in the sea and lazing around with a book and a glass of wine. Also we had time to explore and learn about new places we were. We will not forget […]

Jerry & Michael, age 30-40, sightseeing trip

A trip to France and Monaco was great. Excellent organization, full commitment and lots of fun the most. I highly recommend Trip Planner – Jerry I used once, and immediately signed up for the next trip. The organization sensational, dynamic rate, every day with the time scheduled (as required), wherein each point adapted specifically for […]

Karina & Beatrice, age 30-40, sightseeing trip

I recommend You the services of Trip Planner  because it?s really worth. Our trip prepared with the specific demands of a specific plan and lots of useful information. All perfectly planned and I had nothing to worry about.  The trip was with no resident there and even that I felt like “led by the hand”! […]

Sebastian, age 20-30, sightseeing trip

I highly recommend the travelling with Trip Planner. I have been on two trips and it was great. Everything was planned perfectly that?s why I used Trip Planner services again with pleasure

Mirka & George, age 40-50, sightseeing trip

We highly recommend the services of Trip Planner! Our 18 day stay in Canada and in the United States proceeded without any hassles and surprises. Despite fairly intensive trip plan (Niagara Falls, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York) Mr. Peter made everything perfect! He took care of every little detail, bearing in mind […]

Martha, age 30-40, occasional trip

Best organized hen party ever! All buttoned up at the last button, each element and entertainment, provided by the Trip Planner, was thought out from beginning to end. I am convinced that no one had planned to it better. Thank You and I RECOMMEND

Dorota, age 40-50, relaxing & sightseeing trip

We just returned from a trip which helped us with planning Trip Planner ? a great organization, everything on time and any unexpected surprises. I highly recommend, I will do it again for sure

Agnes & Renata, age 20-30, city break

At first time I did not know what to expect, because the first time I decided on a trip like this, but it was a brilliant combination of 3 ladies, Milan and Trip Planner. Organizationally great, our every step was carefully planned, even to the extent of navigation: “Walk around the square, then turn right” […]

Catherine, Damian, age 20-30, sightseeing trip

Thank you for a wonderful trip to the islands of Kos and Kalymnos organized by Tripplanner?a. Everything was well organized. Great alternative for travel agents, especially for people who expect something more than spending time at the hotel pool

Magdalena and Roman, age 30-40, trips with childreen

This year we didn?t want to go back home! Mr Peter recommendations about the place for families with children were in the 100% hit. Arrangement part prepared ideally, excellent communication and full conviction that at any required time, you can count on the support of Mr Piotr. We truly recommend the island, specially the area […]

Agnes and Waldemar, age 30-40, trips with childreen

Our holiday in Sicily, organized together with the Trip Planner will be hosted in our memories for a long time with a positive emotions. It was a very interesting and eventful trip, which further intensified by the fact of traveling with two young daughters (5 and 11) – brave tourists not only abolished the Sicilian […]

Margaret and Christopher, age 30-40, sightseeing trip

Thanks to Trip Planner we spent an extraordinary, intense week in Barcelona! Not successful in 100%, but in 200%. We are grateful for all the tips, especially for such a well-selected hotel. Already we make plans where to go next time – of course, with professional help Trip Planner?a. Regards, and recommend to others!

Catherine, Margaret, Sylvie, age 30-40, city break

Great 3 days thanks to Trip Planner. It was Happy Birthday trip. Brussels and Bruges from A to Z. We didn?t have to worry about anything. Perfectly organized trip with comfortable flights and accommodation. Guide with plenty of information about the places that are worth to see. In addition, a number of tips and advices. […]

Ivone, age 30-40, trips with childreen

Thank you for your superb holiday on the wonderful island of Naxos !!! I highly recommend !!!

Ann, Julita, Marta, Eve age 20-30, city break

Trip Planner showed us great professionalism and efficiency. The trip was organized from A to Z. I have received many schedule proposals of this trip from which I could choose the most interesting parts for me so that was MY trip. Experience of Trip Planner helped me make the right choice and set timetable for […]

Sylvia, age 30-40, trips with childreen

Thanks a lot for the very well organized trip! I admit that ‘with some such timidity’ I approached my first solo trip, with no travel agencies, tour guides and other companion. Especially since I was traveling with a teenage daughter who is very demanding. Fortunately, my fears were completely unfounded – Mr Peter took care […]

Caroline and Jacob, age 20-30, relaxing & sightseeing trip

Malta – a small country with many attractions that we were able to meet thanks to Trip Planner. It was plenty of interesting places to see in short part of time. Trip Planner prepared for us a great route and led us by the hand through the whole trip. Descriptions of places that were headed […]

Hanna and Marek, age 40-50, trips with childreen

We have a very successful adventure is Malta thanks to Trip Planner. It wasn?t easy job: two adults (who do not know what they want), two girls (aged 8 and 18 years, with completely different expectations) and it should be “good and cheap”. I was convinced that equation with so many variables only I can […]

Monika and Patrick, age 30-40, babymoon trip

We just got back from sunny Sicily – this is our second holiday with Trip Planner and second fantastic holiday. As usual, everything quickly and efficiently  – an offer composed specially for us with our needs, and those needs weren?t trivial. We highly recommend the services Trip Planner, complete relaxation, peace and satisfaction guaranteed. The […]

Emily and Martin, age 30-40, relaxing & sightseeing trip

I highly recommend the Trip Planner service. All well-organized and planned. Paris is beautiful

Isabel and Mariusz, age 20-30, relaxing & sightseeing trip

Our trip was a great challenge for the Trip Planner to arrange everything, successfully one! Our expectation were executed in 100%. We called them on Tuesday afternoon asking for help, and on Thursday we were in Barcelona! We spent a lovely, busy day in Barcelona, then we moved for  the next few days at the […]

Julia and Radoslaw, age 30-40, relaxing & sightseeing trip

I recommend Trip Planner service to anyone who wants to travel as they like, and do not overpay! Trip Planner will arrange for you trip designed according to your dictation. We had two priorities in our last trip: to fit in 1500pln (polish zloty) per person per week and to go to a warm place. […]

Catherine and Agnes, age 30-40, city break

We want to go somewhere where is warm but not hot, so we could see something beautiful, so we could feel atmosphere, so we could fell exceptionally because it’s our birthday … so indecisive with no idea we wrote to Trip Planner … Well, it was fantastic! Thank you and we recommend – Rome, Italy.

Ann and Christopher, age 30-40, relaxing & sightseeing trip

We used Trip Planner?s service when we were planning our holiday trip to Majorca + Barcelona. All our expectations were met: the quality of the hotel, great location, and all of that at the reasonable price. Additionally for this we received a great handy guide, from which we learned among other things, what and why […]

Magda and Maciej, age 30-40, sightseeing trip

Words of praise for full services. For care of the details, inspirations and support before and during the trip. How was it? It shows video of our Sicily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH4IUKBGSfE

Isabel and Adam, age 50-60, relaxing & sightseeing trip

We?ve had with my husband and our friends a fantastic seven days in Mallorca. This trip for our group of four was organized by TRIP PLANNER from beginning to end. All our requests were included in the offer. Apart from the standard trip plan (flights, transport, accommodation, car hire) we also received suggestions of interesting […]

Magda and Michael, age 30-40, relaxing & sightseeing trip

Trip very well organized! Tenerife has a lot to offer and thanks to Trip Planerowi we feel that we visited it all! All the formalities were done before our departure, the car almost waiting for us at the airport. Hotel perfect ? close to the beach, fully equipped kitchen and great restaurants right next door. […]

Sylvia and Jerry, age 20-30, honeymoon

Trip was perfect! Zanzibar gained quite literally 🙂 Thanks to Trip Planner’owi our honeymoon was wonderful and certainly never an unforgettable adventure of life. Everything was organized perfectly, we did not have to worry about anything. Small guide prepared by Planner’a Trip “led us by the hand” at every stage of the journey, so that […]

Maria and Wiesław, age 60-70, city break

From 22.09.-27.09.2013 I was with my husband in Barcelona, Spain. The whole organization of the stay was asked to Trip Planner company. The range of service included transport, accommodation. The Company has complied with the order very well. It has selected economical carrier, very good location. Very helpful was descriptions and information about the most […]

Ann and Sebastian, age 30-40, occasional trip

We dreamed about Sicily for a long time. With a number of reasons. So when the opportunity presented itself (and any excuse is good to motivate the way) we decided to use it. Therefore, the opportunity was supposed to be a surprise for some participants so all the planning staff felt on my shoulders. I […]

Bartek, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

Honestly I recommend the Planner’a Trip services! I’ve been away organized by the TP again. This time it was a trip for the match San Marino ? Poland. The total cost of this trip was approximately 900pln/os (polish zloty per person) including two overnight stays, airline tickets and rented a car with the fuel! Nothing […]

Patrice and John, age 30-40, occasional trip

We dreamed of a romantic trip to celebrate a wedding anniversary, just the two of us. Mr. Peter proposed us a very quiet and charming place on the Costa Brava, where we could relax and enjoy each other’s company and the opportunity to explore the area. Delicious Catalan cuisine and sun-drenched beach, in the middle […]

Beatrice and Jerry, age 20-30, relaxing trip

Intimate hotel surrounded by gardens in a quiet area near the center of the island. Service very attentive and friendly, and very tasty cuisine. Trip Planner manage very well, flight, transfers to/from the airport, hotel and organization Our holiday at a high level. All wheels were oiled. Go ahead, you can use Trip Planner safely! […]

Maria, age 50-60, relaxing & sightseeing trip

Travelling on my own was always something unattainable for me, but Trip Planner showed up to me. After the first interview, I felt that it does not have to be impossible, and then I felt  that me and my husband handle it (we?re older generation of people who haven?t got any western language in the […]

Cesar, age 30-40, sightseeing trip

I think the fact that I?ve three times already used the services Trip Planner (Lithuania & Latvia & Estonia, “La Tomatina”, and football match Poland vs. San Marino) is the best recommendation for them. All prepared and planned for 100%!

Max And Claudia, age 20-30, relaxing trip

Great holiday with Trip Planner on the island of Kos projected professionally with a hint of a positive surprise. Departure, arrival, transfer, accommodation all perfectly arranged. A lot of very useful instructions and accurately pointed suggestions of interesting places to see. Thanks to Trip Planner you not worry about any organizational matters you just enjoy […]

Beatrice, age 20-30, relaxing trip

Holidays in MOROCCO 7 days/1500 polish zloty per person ? nothing more is need to add! THANKS!

Beatrice and Przemek, age 20-30, relaxing trip

Great projected holidays for two to the beautiful Island of Kos at a very attractive price, really highly recommend! 🙂

Joanna, age 50-60, relaxing trip

Thank you Trip Planner! Thanks to you I spent with my husband and granddaughter wonderful vacation in southern Italy, in the charming town of Vieste. Not worried about anything. Trip Planner planned a perfect family holiday. I just had an idea, I contacted the trip planner, they planned everything from A to Z, and then […]

Michael, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

I recommend Trip Planner service that?s really truly designed my trip to Bucharest. Because I am a person who likes to visit something interesting while traveling, a plan that was created for me with detailed instructions: what, where, when, and for how much was impressive and fully satisfied my expectations. Additional tips and important information […]

Emilia, age 20-30, city break

Thanks for a well organized trip to Barcelona. I highly recommend Trip!! Full professionalism. Travel, sightseeing and benefit from services of Trip Planner:) I will use them again and again 🙂

Marzena i Mariusz, age 30-40, relaxing trip

With great organization by the Trip Planner to Ibiza we experienced great moments and great events. You have to see it for yourselves because of Ibiza’s famous saying is “What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza”

Patrick, age 30-40, city break + relaxing trip

Our trip to Barcelona was very successful. Walking through the Trip Planner clue was easy and pleasant. Hostel and the town that he helped us to pick turned out to be charming. I highly recommend the Trip Planner services.

Nadia, age 40-50, city break

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED service of Trip Planner! 🙂 Thanks to a great organization and openness to individual customer needs 🙂 our visit to Barcelona was SUPER! : D

Monic, age 30-40, city break

All the time I remember with fondness a trip to Riga in Latvia organized by the Trip Planner. The total spontaneous, decision time, but very well organized trip, thanks!

Ann, Beatrice, Evelyn, Margaret age 20-30, sightseeing trip

Very good organization through which we spent a wonderful five days in Mallorca without any problems. We highly recommend – Ann We would like to thank you VERY much. VERY successful trip to Majorca. It was great. Thanks and see you – Beatrice I would recommend! Trip to Majorca was fantastic. Excellent organization! – Evelyn Remarkable imagination of […]

Agnes, age 30-40, city break

Bath is such a beautiful city – our weekend went as smoothly as we could have hoped thanks to Trip Planner! After all, we wanted to see as much as we could in three days. The Roman Baths, Pump Room, Fashion Museum and wonderful Georgian architecture and stunning views. Not forgetting Jane Austin’s house and […]

Gregor, age 40-50, city break

I thought that I would visit friends in London and I sent a message to Trip Planner … It took one email and two days later I had the airline tickets (at a very attractive price). Trip Planner satisfies cravings, gives valuable tips for traveling and makes his customers happy. Thank you and I would […]

Peter, age 20-30, themed & occasional trip

I would definitely recommend Trip Planner. Ski trip to Val di Sole was organized professionally from beginning to the end. After analyzing our expectations Trip Planner presented a plan trip (flights, transfers to the hotel and the hotel itself, as well as a bunch of useful information about the place to which we choose) in […]

Martyna, age 30-40, trip with children

I decided to take advantage of Trip Planner as I had a very busy period of life, with 3 kids, and no real time to arrange winter holidays. The offer not only included all my requests, but also came very soon. We all had a chance to ski, and spend time in an interesting way […]

Łukasz, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

After returning from a ski trip, which took place in the Italian Dolomite  I can honestly recommend a Trip Planner. Convenient flights and transfers, accommodation close to the ski slopes, wonderful weather and a great atmosphere Italian slopes. All very well organized and at a reasonable price. I recommend and encourage all undecided!

Chrystian, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

I?ve just returned from a trip to Val di Sole, where I spent a week with my friends. Trip from start to finish was organized by Trip Planner and I have to admit that the company reached tasks. Hotel Garden in Marilleva, where we stayed has met our expectations. First of all, the nearest ski […]

Bożena, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

Impossible is nothing for the Trip Planner! First impression? The vast knowledge, passion and experience. With a clear conscience I can recommend his services. Without a doubt, he managed the challenge! With professional organization Andorra welcomed us with an open arms. We received a full range of tips and advices tailored to our needs. All […]

Karina, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

After returning from a ski trip to Andorra, organized by the Trip Planner, I?m writing only one FULL OF PROFESSIONALISM! This Ski trip organized perfectly: choice of hotel and quality/price – excellent, tips and advice for staying there ? invaluable, all paperwork and formalities  were secured. I highly recommend! See You next time 🙂

Abdul, age 20-30, trip to Poland

Poland is a wonderful country, and though I have many friends there it is not easy to organize here stay for the Egyptian.Polish colleague told me about Trip Planner. It was a very good choice. a few days after our first contact I’ve had written out a plan trip to Poland (and not only) in […]

Paweł, age 30-40, themed & occasional trip

I?ve always wanted to see the Polish football team play away but I never had the time to organize such a trip by myself. A friend told me about Trip Planner. As soon as I had made contact I felt that this time I would go. I also mentioned the idea to my colleagues at […]

Marta, age 20-30, trip with child

A big thank you to Trip Planner, who organized our trip to Jurmala on Latvia’s northern coast. The trip was so different to typical ones, because the most important passenger was our 3 month old son, so everything had to be perfectly tailored to his needs. Trip Planner cared for both our baby and us. […]

Michał, age 40-50, business trip

Through our assistance we were able to make a movie for newly-weds, who sought out Sardinia as a special place for their wedding ceremony. In a very short time the Trip Planner organized our transportation, accommodation and pointed out charming corners of Sardinia, where we created the movie. Due to the size and high value […]