Hanna and Marek, age 40-50, trips with childreen

Trip Planner opinia 41 150x150We have a very successful adventure is Malta thanks to Trip Planner. It wasn?t easy job: two adults (who do not know what they want), two girls (aged 8 and 18 years, with completely different expectations) and it should be “good and cheap”. I was convinced that equation with so many variables only I can solve. Until now, this type of trips was made by me. It turned out , however, that there is someone who can do it better than me.

Trip Planner perfectly coped with matching trips to our expectations: the season, the destination, and of course our wallet. The e-guide made by Trip Planner with practical information for our trip and plan to stay I received, logistically well thought out and based on Trip Planner experience, exceeded my wildest expectations. As a result, a guide, which I bought turned out to be unnecessary baggage. Mr. Peter is extremely sensitive to the needs of its customers, patient and always available. Sir Peter, thank you on behalf of myself and my girls. We begin to plan another trip. Again, we need Your help