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Montenegro in May

We have for you today something very interesting! Montenegro is a small and very beautiful country that really impress everyone and which can be mostly seen in a few days. We have for you a proposal in May for less than 1500pln/os (polish zloty per person)! And of course the price includes flights, accommodation with […]

Monaco in April

Who wants to go for very little money for 3 days to one of the smallest State of the World and has the opportunity to play roulette at the casino in Monte Carlo? Why not, you are welcome to cooperate with us. 3-day city-break in Monaco in early April is possible for less than 1400pln/os […]

Thailand in March

Two weeks in Thailand in March for less than 4000pln/os (polish zloty per person)! The price includes the flights between the mainland and the local once and all transfers, 10 day stay in the region of Krabi (hotel with a swimming pool and with breakfast situated close to the beach, surrounded by gardens) + 3 […]

Philippines in November

Would you like to have such a beautiful views? This are “terraces” of growing rice in the Philippines. You have an opportunity to be there this autumn for less than 3900pln/os (polish zloty per person)! You don?t believe, just ask us! This offer is addressed to Asian atmosphere funs, and the price includes more than […]

Santa Claus day in Porto

Do you have any ideas for Santa Claus day? You may surprise Your beloved and You may invite her/him to Porto for a bottle of Porto wine. 4 days stay with flights, hotel with breakfast and transfers will cost You less than 800pln/os (polish zloty per person)! The temperature that will be there should be […]

Haloween in London

Halloween only in London! A fun-filled, dark, mysterious London (in the past Jack the Ripper killed people her, and Sherlock Holmes was tracking him) has a lot to offer in late October and early November. Enjoy an unforgettable journey for less than 1100pln/os (polish zloty per person)! The price includes 4 nights in hotel with […]

Cheap Lisbon in November

Lisbon is a beautiful capital of Portugal. Located on a few hills is full of spectacular scenery where the river Tagus flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Among the city old antique tram from the beginning of the previous century are still riding here. And you too can ride it! Trip Planner invite you to Lisbon […]

Holy John Paul II

ATTENTION! John Paul II will be holy in late April 2014! Do you want to take part in this event? I invite you to cooperate with us. Trip Planner has found for you an opportunity to participate in this special happening for less than 1500pln/os (polish zloty per person). The price includes flights, transfers and […]

Sicily in October

Why not to live for a while just below the clouds this summer? Trip Planner offers you this opportunity to Sicily in a very beautiful town of Erice which is situated more than 750m above sea level, four-day stay in mid-October for less than 1000pln/os (polish zloty per person)! The price includes flights, transfers and […]

Romantic Corsica

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to France, and Bonifacio is a very romantic town situated on the rocky southern shore of the island where you can enjoy magnificent views. It has a reputation as an exclusive and very expensive Mediterranean islands, but the Trip Planner suggests you a six-day break in […]

For skiing … go to Georgia

Gudauri is a modern and rapidly developing ski resort in the mountains of the Caucasus. A real paradise for freestyler?s! But not only. Additionally you have cheap ski passes, delicious food and Georgian great hospitality. Weekly skiing is possible for some 1600pln/os (polish zloty per person) in December, so come on skiers because this direction […]

Cheap Mauritius

I think everyone of us dreams about holidays in Mauritius (where you can swim among dolphins or go kite surfing), but this trip seems to us enormously expensive. Indeed, traveling there with your travel agent usually requires bank visit, but not with the Trip Planner! The nine-day stays in January 2014 (dates for the similar […]

Caribbean’s Haloween

Don?t you have any idea for a funky Halloween? What do you think about Halloween in the Caribbean? How much it will cost in your opinion? 2000-3000 eur per person? Well, NO! Trip Planner has found for you a week’s stay in the Caribbean + 2 Days in Paris for less than 5000pln/os (polish zloty […]

October in Marseille

Marseille is a magnificent city in the south of France. If you have only two days off for this year, and would like to go somewhere else and feel the summer Trip Planner offers you Marseilles in October for about 900pln/os (polish zloty per person). The price, as usual, includes flights, transfers and hotel accommodation […]

Istambul in autumn

Holidays are going, but there are some people who will start their own in autumn already. Specially for them Trip Planner offer nine-day city break in two cities at the same time in late September and beginning of the October! Spend six days in Istanbul and 3 days in Budapest in one trip! And it’s […]

Bulgaria in July

Do You dream about warm sea, nice clean sandy beach? And Your dream is not expensive! Welcome to Bulgaria in July for a week’s stay for about 1350pln/os (polish zloty per person)! The price, as usual, includes flights, transfers and hotel with breakfast close to the beach. ????? ????? which is welcome in Bulgaria

Balkan tour during Holiday

Something like this you don?t buy in a travel agency! Trip Planner offers you an interesting solution for your holidays. What do you think about a 7-day stays at one of the Croatian islands in the apartments close to the fine sandy beach + 8-day Balkan tour (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia)? A […]

Costa Brava in July

Costa Brava is the best known and most visited coast in Spain. Attracting long, wide, sandy beaches, among which there are also small, wild bays. If you have only five days off in July don?t worry, Trip Planner adapts offers to your needs. The five-day holiday on the Costa Brava (with the possibility of exploring […]

Malta in July

Welcome to Malta in July. This is the only place where you can sail a traditional boat like that one. In July Trip Planner “created” for you an offer for a week for less 1500pln/os (polish złoty per person)! The price includes flights, transfers and hotel with rooftop pool and breakfast which is situated approximately […]


Did you know that Tomatina is a festival celebrated in the Spanish town of Bunol during which participates throw tomatoes to each other. This battle takes place every year on the last Wednesday of August. This year, the trip planner has ?found? for you the opportunity to participate in this event for less than 1200pln/os […]

Jamaica in November

Attention! Trip Planner invites you to Jamaica in late November and December! 10-day stay in a hotel with a swimming pool right on the beach for less than 5000pln/os! (polish złoty per person). The price, as usual, includes flights, transfers and accomodation. This price will not be forever, so please recommend it to Yours friends […]

Portugal in June

The southern coast of Portugal (Algarve), is known as a warm place with beautiful beaches and unforgettable experience. A week’s stay with breakfast at the end of June and beginning of July in this region of Portugal is possible for You for less than ATTENTION! 1400pln/os (polish złoty per person). The price, as usual, includes […]

Corfu in June

Canal D’Amour which You can see on this photo is one of the attractions on the island of Corfu. Beautiful beach, shaped rock formations and small cliffs together produce an unique impression. Trip Planner “created” for you an offer in Corfu at the beginning of June (next week) for less than 1200pln/os (polish złoty per […]

Children’s Day in Legoland

WARNING! LAST MINUTE offer for CHILDREN’S DAY! Take the kids to Legoland! Trip Planner has just “created” for you an offer for a weekend at Legoland for about 1400pln/os (polish złoty per person – calculation made for a family of 2 +2). The price, as usual is including flights, transfers, 3 nights at the hotel […]

Football match in Moldova

On June 7 at the Polish National Team will play another match in the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup with the National Team of Moldova on this stadium. A true fan should consider live supporting our team. Trip Planner has found for you an offer for less than 600pln/os (polish złoty per person – […]

Kos on July

Kos is located in the archipelago of Dodecanese islands near the Turkish coast. It is a wonderful place to rest and to have fun also. Trip Planner offers you a week’s stay on this wonderful island in July already for 1500pln/os (polish złoty per person ? price includes flights, transfers, hotel with breakfast close to […]

Rhodes on May

Leave your footprints on the beach of one of the Greek islands! Rhodes is one of the most visited islands in the country. Sandy beaches and glamour of Rhodes City – a medieval capital of the island, and the uniqueness of the Lindos town not allow you to forget about this place for a long time after […]

Ireland on May

Do You have four days off in the middle of May (including weekends)? Join us and take part in the expedition to Ireland! We plan to see a lot in a short period of time for so little money (3 nights: in Belfast, Galway and Dublin). The cost of the entire project is estimated (depending […]

Barcelona on June

Barcelona in early June for only about 1300pln (polish zloty) per person? YES! Trip Planner offers you this option for a 5-day stay including apartments, air fares and transfers. Capital of Catalonia is waiting for You. Barcelona is a place where there are many attractions and beautiful sandy beaches at the same time. It is […]

Italian language on june

Do you like Italy? Or maybe you are passionate about Italian cuisine? Do you want to learn Italian? If all the questions you answer yes, Trip Planner has for your unique language trip. One week stay in June in Italy, a few hours of daily language classes, with flights, transfers and accommodation you already have […]

Mallorca on April

The largest island of the Balearic Islands invites you! There is a lot of coves with beautiful beaches and azure water. There are a lot of quiet and at the same time romantic destinations as well as many loudly restaurants, clubs and discos. Even Frederic Chopin fell in love with this island! Trip Planner offers […]

Cheap Peru on April

Peru in April for less than 3000pln (polish złoty) per person. Is it even possible? IT IS! 13-day stay in the second half of April including flights both ways and transfers is still available at that price. Additionally, we can arrange a plan to visit this beautiful country in any details. Peru is known most […]

?I’ll be back here someday ? Morocco?

Morocco is a charming and beautiful land between the ocean and the desert. In this mosaic of cultures, each of even the most finicky adventurer can find something for themselves. The diverse climate and varied terrain makes Morocco an unique place. The Arabs called Morocco “located farthest land of the setting sun,” but only 15km […]

Easter in Cyprus

Cyprus is a country located on an island lying in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Due to its location, Cyprus has a very rich history. It is divided into part of the Greek and Turkish (not internationally recognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). It is […]

Easter in Sardegna

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which, despite the high and rocky coastline has many sandy beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Island is also rich in historical sites, which was influenced by different cultures. Experience Easter holidays in Sardinia, where they are spectacular processions during Easter […]

Stag/hen party in Ibiza

Who is getting married soon? What do you think about a stag/hen party on ? IBIZA?!?!? This island belongs to the Balearic archipelago and is a goal for Europeans who are hungry of parties, always filled with colorful crowd where the beautiful sandy beaches are always full of people, and in the evening the whole […]

London in april

Did you know that London Underground has been 150 years! Jubilee take place precisely in this year (the first underground railway passengers went exactly 9 January 1863) and because of that from mid-February to the end of June will be a lot of events associated with it. Trip Planner found for you a weekend in […]

May 2013 – Honeymoon in Majorca

This time the offer is directed to the future newlyweds (although anyone can use it). Honeymoon is one of our specialties so what do You think about 11-day chill throughout the wedding ceremony on  Majorca! Trip Planner has “found” a great offer for you in May. 11 days stay with two meals a day (Spa […]

Rome (conclave) on march

Now Rome may be more interesting than usual? Why? Today, Pope Benedict XVI abdicated, so preparing conclave in mid-March. This is a great event not only for Christians but also for the whole world. Take advantage of this moment and be there! Four-day stay in a hotel close to the Vatican from the passage of […]

?I’ll be back here someday ? Malta?

Malta is one of the tiny European countries. It is situated on 5 islands in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa. Due to its location, has a very rich history, and often over the centuries passed from hand to hand. Is influenced by the Roman, Arab and British. Islands for 1947 by almost […]

Puerto Rico april/may

Puerto Rico is home to Puerto Rican Tody, which measures 11cm and weighs less than 5-6g. The island lies on the Caribbean Sea in close proximity to the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands archipelago. This island is a territory of the status of the community in the USA. Its magnificent setting makes it […]

New Zeeland april/may

New Zealand’s remoteness from the rest of the world has reduced the number of visitors and protect the earth from excessive use. People there are very friendly and welcoming but places and landscapes are the most important tourist attraction here and they are breathtaking among visitors. New Zealand does not need to advertise, just watch […]

Val di Sole in february

Val di Sole is probably the most famous ski resort in the Italian Alps. Name of the resort – Valley of the Sun, accurately describes the conditions which prevail here, where the number of days of sunshine a year is very high. Another advantage is more than 130km of slopes wonderfully prepared. Trip Planner in […]

City Break in Paris

Paris is a legend city, by many called to be the capital of the world, or at least the capital of culture, fashion and trends. It is a city of hundreds of monuments, museums, beautiful architecture and romantic atmosphere. Already in February extended (from Friday to Monday) weekend in Paris Tripplanner “offers” for about 750pln […]

?I?ll be back here someday ? Kenya?

Safari is usually the first association of Kenya. It?s true, because the 2-3 days safari is a showcase of the country. In Kenya there are several national parks so definitely a lot to choose from, and offers themselves inside a National Park are also different (depending on the number of days and the standard of […]

Skiing in Andora

Andorra is a small principality situated high in the Pyrenees, bordering the north of France, and in the south of Spain. In winter, this is the perfect “country” for skiers. There is the ideal conditions because of the sun shining all the time here – 300 sunshine days a year. Another advantage is fact that […]

Christmas in Thailand

Christmas trip usually associated with considerable expense. Until today, because Trip Planner has found for you 14-days stay in Thailand for the Christmas season for less than 2800PLN (polish zloty). Impossible? Yes it?s possible ? return air ticket is included. Add to this the 4-days stay 3 stars hotel in Bangkok, in city which you […]

?I’ll be back here someday ? Mexico?

Travelling in Mexico is exciting, where you can experience and learn many cultures, cuisine, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Mexico on your own is an adventure like no other! I spent there 16 days travelling by rental car in Mexico City. Not knowing Spanish, I was forced to quickly learn even basic words, but the […]

New Year on Capo Verde

Cape Verde is an island nation located in the Atlantic Ocean west of the coast of Africa. This archipelago consists of 10 main islands and 16 smaller islands. These islands are very different landscape, although they are in close proximity to each other. Some are flat and the sun burned, other volcanic, and some are […]

End of the world in Budapest

The capital of Hungary – Budapest has a lot to offer. 4 day visit probably is not enough to see everything, but certainly saturate your appetites for this city. It is one of the most important cities in Europe, located on both banks of the Danube river (partly on the hills) is considered one of […]

?I’ll be back here someday ? Montenegro?

Montenegro was one of the stops on my trip through the countries of former Yugoslavia. During preparing for this trip, I felt that this little state could become a pearl. I wasn?t wrong! This small country can really impress everyone. Mountain views prevail, but water sports and blissful laziness on the beach amateurs also find […]

February 2013 in Morocco

Agadir is a port city situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast. It is one of the most famous Moroccan resorts. To the south of the harbour is beautiful and wide sandy crescent-shape beach. The city is modern and charming (again built after the earthquake in 1960), and the nightlife is a showcase of the city […]

March 2013 in Zanzibar

Greet spring in paradise! Zanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean close to the coast of Central Africa. It belongs to Tanzania where you can meet a mosaic of four cultures: African, Arab, Indian and European. Zanzibar is, above all, relaxation! – under the palm trees on idyllic beautiful beaches like our picture above. For […]