?I’ll be back here someday ? Mexico?

Travelling in Mexico is exciting, where you can experience and learn many cultures, cuisine, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Mexico on your own is an adventure like no other! I spent there 16 days travelling by rental car in Mexico City. Not knowing Spanish, I was forced to quickly learn even basic words, but the people of this great country are very polite and understanding. Dialogue with them was always like a funny mix of English, Spanish and sign language.


Many pre-Columbian civilizations remnants are scattered around the country, which because of the terrain is very varied. To see a few tourist attractions, you need to overcome considerable distance. Fortunately, the fuel in Mexico is much cheaper than in Poland, and the roads are in good condition. Therefore, I encourage you to explore all your senses self charms and contrasts of this great country. Trip Planner will offer original and detailed trip plan tailored to your ideas and suggestions.