?I’ll be back here someday ? Malta?

Trip Planner blog 015A 150x150Trip Planner blog 015B 150x150Malta is one of the tiny European countries. It is situated on 5 islands in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa. Due to its location, has a very rich history, and often over the centuries passed from hand to hand. Is influenced by the Roman, Arab and British. Islands for 1947 by almost a half century was the British colony. To this day, you have to drive on the left side, and until recently, their currency was the pound Maltese, which replaced the euro.


Trip Planner blog 015C 150x150Trip Planner blog 015D 150x150Maltese is a very Catholic country – thanks to St. Paul Christianity came here at the beginning of our era. There is a lot of churches, chapels and cathedrals. During all kinds of holidays take place here “mini carnivals” once a month. Malta is also something like a great open-air museum, everywhere you look there will be always something interesting. It is also a paradise for divers. Here are the best conditions prevail throughout the Mediterranean. No matter whether you want to explore the local culture and cuisine, can actively spend time – you’ll definitely enjoy your stay in Malta. Trip Planner will help you experience the adventure of your life.