Maria, age 50-60, relaxing & sightseeing trip

Trip Planner opinia 25 150x150Travelling on my own was always something unattainable for me, but Trip Planner showed up to me. After the first interview, I felt that it does not have to be impossible, and then I felt  that me and my husband handle it (we?re older generation of people who haven?t got any western language in the school, and even Russian was poorly taught). Trip Planner  prepared for us a detailed plan convenient to our timeline, found us a great accommodation on the Croatian island of Rab, for which we paid less than the official price. The guesthouse was located slightly off the beaten track in a quiet area a few dozen meters from the beautiful sandy beach. It was a big regret to come back from there. Additionally, we got a lot of invaluable advices and information?s which ways to go in order not to overpay for vignettes, where to stop along the way to see something interesting . We had a lot of reliable information?s on any topic related to this travel . About the island of Rab we got also significant mentions of where to go, what to see, what other beaches is worth to see and what we should eat typical for local people. Trip Planner really cares about its customers and sincerely I recommend it. Another holiday probably we spend again on my own because I’m sure that everything depends only on me and not on a travel agency, which unfortunately disappointed me not only once. Thank you Trip Planner