Patrice and John, age 30-40, occasional trip

Trip Planner opinia 27 150x150We dreamed of a romantic trip to celebrate a wedding anniversary, just the two of us. Mr. Peter proposed us a very quiet and charming place on the Costa Brava, where we could relax and enjoy each other’s company and the opportunity to explore the area. Delicious Catalan cuisine and sun-drenched beach, in the middle of October, completed the rest. Quick organizing tickets at a great price, the choice of the ordinary, a boutique hotel, full itinerary and a lot of tips and tricks – all thanks to Mr. Peter. Full of professionalism of Trip Planner was the success basis of our expedition so that the few carefree days we spent in Spain will long remain in ours memories. Thank you Mr. Peter for organizing the trip and of course sensational wholeheartedly I recommend to all use of the Trip Planner services!