Ann and Sebastian, age 30-40, occasional trip

Trip Planner opinia 29 150x150We dreamed about Sicily for a long time. With a number of reasons. So when the opportunity presented itself (and any excuse is good to motivate the way) we decided to use it. Therefore, the opportunity was supposed to be a surprise for some participants so all the planning staff felt on my shoulders.
I could make a few sentences about how I gave it everything dealing with the complex organization of that out with the fact that I would start to avid the facts . The truth is that, from the date on which  I articulate our needs and expectations of stay in Sicily, my role has been limited to … view, whining and choosing among the many options perfectly prepared by Mr. Peter from Trip Planner, where Sicily was only one of several directions waiting for us. That’s what we got finally exceeded our wildest expectations. I’m not sure how often it happens that the conditions on the trip are better than those that were promised you by travel agent, but that’s what happened in our case.
At the airport in Trapani was waiting for us handsome (not my opinion) Italy with my name on the poster. Italian, indeed Sicilian took care of our transfer to the hotel. Actually, the word hotel may be irrelevant here to the actual conditions: it was a private villa with the best service as provided by a Sicilian family living in the part of the villa. First contact convinced us that this would be a good few days. Romantic dinner in greeting, talking like we had known each other for years and openness Host to explore the resources of the private wine cellar charmed us completely. If you add to that the 30 degrees Celsius at the end of September, warm and crystalline Tyrrhenian sea and the surrounding countryside (local vineyard, Erice, Trapani and Marsala) again with a private guide is easier to understand the uniqueness of you these days.
Details of the apartment with sea views located thirty (literally!) meters from the water line and a private terrace, which supported our sense of uniqueness perfectly complement the picture.
Each of us has had the better and the worse trips, where expectations were fulfilled or passed with reality. This what Trip Planner prepared for us is an example of how you can approach individually to deliver happiness to their customers. Keep up the good way Sir Peter!