Sylvia, age 30-40, trips with childreen

Trip Planner opinia 43 150x150Thanks a lot for the very well organized trip! I admit that ‘with some such timidity’ I approached my first solo trip, with no travel agencies, tour guides and other companion. Especially since I was traveling with a teenage daughter who is very demanding. Fortunately, my fears were completely unfounded – Mr Peter took care of the smallest little thing, everything has been worked out in detail. Besides, it was exactly as he promised – the information was very precise, he knows what he’s talking about, these all things were checked probably. It was no bad surprises that usually happens with travel agencies, when we see in the prospect beautiful image, and on the spot we find a hut on a chicken leg. With excellent organization, my daughter had a memorable birthday gift, and I changed my point of view for travelling. I will never go with a conventional travel agency again. I highly recommend!