Agnes & Renata, age 20-30, city break

Trip Planner opinia 51 150x150At first time I did not know what to expect, because the first time I decided on a trip like this, but it was a brilliant combination of 3 ladies, Milan and Trip Planner. Organizationally great, our every step was carefully planned, even to the extent of navigation: “Walk around the square, then turn right” 🙂 we knew where is worth to go and how long it will take us access to for example: subway, where to eat and which pub we should be avoided. Thanks to this we did not have anything to worry about, just enjoy the charms of this city! If want you to on a trip like this choose TRIP PLANNER! From now he will always and everywhere be with me – Agnes

If You want to plan your trip, do it only with the Trip Planner. You will say only where and with whom you want to travel and You will get well prepared trip just for You with Your budget limits. You get individually prepared guide and the proposed itinerary. Very convenient for anyone who is planning a trip and do not have much free time and experience. It was our girl’s trip for 3 days. When someone stole one of us a purse which all documents, the keys to the rented apartment, city map, we could only count only for the Trip Planner, which prompted us what to do in such a situation, appointed at the embassy with the right person (it was a Saturday evening, offices closed), arranged us with the owner of the apartment new keys and much more. Without him we would have been totally lost in a strange city, where they speak English poorly, and so thanks to Trip Planner situation was quickly brought under control and we calmed. As a result, the day ended in a very nice way. Such support proved to be more important for us in this situation than insurance. Many thanks! – Renata