City Breaks

If you don?t have time for longer trips we can help. If you have only 2 ? 3 days free, why not consider the City Break option?

Even a short trip can make you feel miles away from everyday life, routines and responsibilities, and gives you the perfect possibility to revive before the tasks that await you at home or work. An additional advantage of a weekend trip might be the prospect of getting to know the local culture, cuisine and night-life. There are several cities and towns to choose from, big ones, such as Paris, London or Rome, and less known not that crowded. Try beautiful Krakow or exciting Warsaw!

It is worth taking advantage of a City Break trip, as there is no time to grow lazy, like during typical holidays, and at the same time it gives you a sense of relaxation. Trip Planner enjoys these short trips a few times a year, and we know exactly how to help you plan and find the right place for your special excursion.