Trips To Poland

Poland is an increasingly popular tourist destination, not only for Poles, but also for foreigners. Following EURO 2012, a great advertisement for our country, it is estimated that the inflow of foreign tourists in 2013 and subsequent years will significantly increase.

Poland is a country of constant change and transformation and has developed very rapidly. Today Poland has more and more to offer, and its great landscape diversity together with geographical location will cater for everybody. Poland is rich in history, has some distinguished personalities, beautiful cities, and delicious cuisine. You cannot be bored here! Is it worth briefly mentioning the bright lights and buzz of the capital city – Warsaw, the historic delights of Krakow that offers an ideal weekend break, the beauty and peacefulness of the Masurian Lake District and the breathtaking majesty of the Tatra Mountains where ski holidays are especially popular.

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland is an exciting destination! Poles are very hospitable and the prices remain affordable comparative to Western Europe. Trip Planner will help you plan your stay and present our homeland in such a way that you can be sure you will return again to discover more.